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problem 1)a) Describe the significance of research.

b) Differentiate between research methods and research methodology.

problem 2)a) Briefly describe the research process with flow chart.

b) What are the criterions one must expects from scientific research?

problem 3)a) What is need of research design? Describe the features of a good design.

b) What are the techniques involved in defining a problem.

problem 4)a) Describe basic principles of experimental design.

b) Describe Latin square design method of formal experimental designs.

problem 5)a) Describe the process of data collection through problemnaires. Also prepare down merits and demerits of the same.

b) What are different complex random sampling designs? Describe any two.

problem 6)a) Describe the methods used for data collection in research methods.

b) Describe the difference between survey and experiment.

problem 7)a) What are the significant statistical measures being used for data analysis? Describe any one.

b) What are the measures of relationship? Describe Karl Pearson’s coefficient of correlation.

problem 8)a) How to find out sample size in data analysis? Describe the method of determining sample size based on precision rate and confidence level.

b) Describe in brief:

i) Index Numbers.

ii) Time series Analysis.

Describe 9)a) Describe the decision making technique of Analytical Hierarchy Process.

b) Describe TOPSIS method of decision making.

problem 10)a) describe in the following :

i) Neural network technique.

ii) Data Envelope Analysis (DEA).

b) Describe Graph theory approach in decision making.

problem 11) Describe the techniques of interpretation and precautions in interpretation.

problem 12) Describe the layout of research report and mechanics of report writing.

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