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problem 1) What are the elements of 2-D chart?

b) How do you create a chart?

problem 2) What are the types of Information Computing models?

problem 3) Demonstrate octal number system with an ex.

problem 4) Convert the following:

i. 0.5257(10) =? (2)

ii. 540(10) =? (16)

iii. [101011]2 =? (16)

iv.770 (8) =? (10)

v. B23.A (16) =? (10)

problem 5) Give history of computer with their generation.

problem 6) What are the different facilities and components of operating system?

problem 7) Give the comparison between professional and home edition of windows.

problem 8) Give the tips to edit the document.

problem 9) What are the features of work processing?

problem 10) Give steps to open an existing document.

a) prepare a short note on using office assistant.

problem 11) Demonstrate the steps to add a clip to a clip gallery.

problem 12) How to automatically check spelling and grammar.

problem 13) Suppose you need to send a common letter to 10 people. How do you do it? Show the step by step procedures to do the task.

problem 14) Give the shortcut keys and the modifiers used for the following

i) Browse next

ii) Copy text

iii) Copy format

iv) Customize keyboard shortcut

v) Grow fond one point

vi) Mail merge to printer

vii) Next misspelling

viii) Outline expand

ix) Revision marks toggle

x) Show all headings

problem 15) Brief the file operations in Excel.

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