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problem1. What are the different types of Runtime Errors in PHP?

problem2. What are the differences between GET and POST methods in form submission?  Briefly describe in which case it is more appropriate to use either the GET or the POST method?

problem3. prepare appropriate PHP codes that allows you to create a web page that uses a cookie to keep track of how many times a user has viewed the page. The first time a particular user looks at the page, it should print something like "Number of views: 1." The second time the user looks at the page, it should print "Number of views: 2," and so on.

problem3. What PHP code snippet is used to establish a database connection to a MySQL server using the MySQL improved API?

problem4. What are the advantages of using stored procedures, triggers and indexes?

problem5. Briefly outline the importance of the following functions in manipulating MySQL data.

(i) mysqli_fetch_array

(ii) mysqli_num_rows

(iii) mysqli_affected_rows

problem6. prepare code snippets to demonstrate how PHP allows you to:

(i) Create, retrieve & delete a Session value

(ii) Perform a redirection to another page

(iii) Make data safe to use in a query by escaping what could be problematic characters

problem7. prepare a simple PHP program that dynamically populates a dropdown list on page load with values retrieved from Database db_restaurant from table tbl_dish containing two fields namely dish_ID and dish Name. Clearly state any assumptions you make.

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