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problem 1:

a) What are the differences among Data, Information and Knowledge? Consider that a Departmental Store requires keeping data about its customers and the transactions made by such customers. What data, information and knowledge might be stored or generated for the Departmental Store for providing better services to its customers?

b) What are the problems associating to digital divide? A University wants to launch skill based computer programs across the country by using ICT, what efforts must it make such that problems associating to digital divide are minimized.

c) What is meant by the word Cyber Crime? How can you help in the prevention of cyber crime?

problem 2:

a) Study any ecommerce web-site, list out the security features associated to that website. What are the benefits of e-commerce?

b) List out at least two e-Administration services which are presently available in India. Describe the features and benefits of any one such service.

c) List out at least five applications of ICT for education. Describe any one of such application.

problem 3:

a) What do you mean by the term MIS? What are the various kinds of MIS?

b) Consider a bank; list out the requirements for the MIS for such a bank.

c) A University wants to set up an IT portal on Student Registration and Results. What would be the needs of such a project?

problem 4:

Define the given terms with an illustration or a diagram wherever presently required:

a) Real time Embedded operating system.
b) Hardware Description Language.
c) Human Computer Interface.
d) Uses of Computer Vision in Medical Science.
e) Graphical User Interface versus Voice User Interface. 

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