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problem1. Discuss the follow problems relative to the compilers:

i. Which phase of the compiler would give you a syntax error?

ii. Which phase complains regarding undefined variables?

iii. If you try to add the integer to a character string, which compiler phase would release the error message?

problem2. What are the benefits of using a compiled language over an interpreted one? Under what conditions would you select to use an interpreted language?

problem3. Illustrate in your own words the differentiation between the role of a system analyst and the role of a program analyst

problem4. A station running TCP/IP requires transfer a file to a host. The file holds 1024 bytes. How many bytes, including all of TCP/IP overhead, would be sent supposing a payload size of 128 bytes and both systems are running IPv4. (Also suppose that the three-way handshake and window size negotiation have been completed and that no errors take place throughout transmission.) What is the protocol overhead (stated as a percentage)?

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