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problem 1:

a) Give process to make a new folder in the windows 98.
b) Give process for closing down the windows 98.

problem 2: Illustrate the function of taskbar and recycle bin?

problem 3: describe the functions of the Control Panel.

problem 4: What are the benefits of a word processor over type-preparers?

problem 5: What do you mean by the term text alignment? In how many ways can you align the text?

problem 6: What is meant by the term page margins? Which option will you select to set the margins of your document?

problem 7: What are the benefits of find or replace characteristics of the word processor?

problem 8: prepare your complete Bio-Data in the MS-Word.

problem 9: Make a business letter to you customer promising to attend to his complaint instantly. Use page setup, formatting features and so on.

problem 10: Make a table in which the budget comparison of 3-years is made.

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