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problem 1) Answer the following problems in detail:

a) What are quantifiers? Name them and describe their importance.

b) What is a first order logic?

c) In brief, describe the syntax of PROLOG language.

d) What is conjunction of disjunctions and disjunction of conjunctions?

e) What are different types of CUT supported by PROLOG?

f) What are Horn clauses?

g) What do you mean by resolution?

h) What is the significance of Fuzzy Logic?

i) Different search strategies involved in searching a knowledge base.

j) What is proof by induction? Give ex.

problem 2) Why do we require to represent knowledge? What is the significance of symbolic logic and logic processing in this field?

problem 3) Represent the following statement in propositional logic. A person who loves someone is also loved by another person.

problem 4) What is the significance of unification? prepare the algorithm for the same. Also, give a appropriate ex of the same.

problem 5) Define:

a) Modus Ponen.

b) Modus Tonen.

By providing relevant ex of the same.

problem 6) What are neural networks? Compare the feed forward and feed backward strategies used in such kind of networks.

problem 7) prepare a program in PROLOG to determine:
Greatest of three numbers OR Factorial of a number also, name the different characteristics of the PROLOG.

problem 8) What are the various steps to be followed to convert a given statement to a clause form? Describe, by taking a appropriate ex.

problem 9) What are SLD trees? What is their significance and limitations in the field of logic processing?

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