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This assignment concentrates on requirements engineering. The perspective to this assignment is the development of a system which helps lecturers with the marking of assignments. Students submit such assignments to the Moodle learning management system (The system connects via a network to Moodle.
The system referred to is thought of as a system as Lightwork ( You could look at the Lightwork material to gain a better understanding of what this system must do. You could use the terms ‘lecturer’ and ‘marking assistant’ or ‘marking manager’ and ‘marker’ (as used in Lightwork).

Your tasks are:

1. Create a scenario ‘Release marking to Moodle for single student’ for the use case ‘Release marking to Moodle’.

2. State four non-functional requirements supporting this scenario (at least two of these must not already be indicated in the system requirements given below).

3. State two test cases for scenario (at least one of these has to relate to your non-functional requirements).

Base your work on following system requirements:

User Requirements Definition

The system will allow lecturers to release marking to Moodle.

System Requirements Specification

1. Lecturers will be able to release marking for selected students.

2. Marking includes the mark and a feedback file, generated by system, for every student.

3. The new status of the marking has to be recorded as ‘Released’.

4. Only marking which is completed and quality checked, indicated by status ‘Ready for Release’ could be released.

5. Only lecturers (and not marking assistants) could release marking.

The assignment must contain the following:

• Does your scenario take all information given into account? Does it represent the requirements clearly?

• Have you considered a wide variety of non-functional requirements? Do they make sense and are they clearly specified?

• Will your test cases contribute to a systematic testing of the system? Are they clear enough to be followed by a tester?

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