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problem 1: There are various ways of connecting to Internet like Wi-Fi, Leased Line and so on. Categorize the suitability of each kind of Internet connection for the corresponding type of tasks (that is, you require mentioning a task that you require to carry with Internet).

problem 2: Design a web page for CIT-003 course. Draw the web page design on paper(s). As well, describe the navigation.          

problem 3: Recommend a plan to develop a multimedia tutor titled ‘Searching on Internet’. Also, point out the tools that you want to use to implement the plan. Make suppositions, wherever required.

problem 4: prepare a C program which takes two integer arrays A and B from a text file. The arrays might have different lengths. Find out the average of the values in array A and array B. Next, prepare a function which prints the average values in ascending order on the screen.

Note: Enclose the printouts of program output.

problem 5: Design and develop a website to display the details of Archaeological monuments and sites of your state. It must provide details of monuments/sites, transportation, ticketing, hotels and so on. The website must have feature of map, via which users can view any Archaeological place by clicking the place name on the map. The website must also give the information of the hotel and transportation facilities all along with the information regarding the climatic conditions, best time to visit, languages spoken and so on, of the respective places. Website must have facility of online registration. The registered candidates will get email alerts for different offers/celebrations.

Note: Enclose the printouts of the web page(s) created by you all along with the assignment.

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