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Task 1 - Network Design:

The School of Computing is planning to organize a new network structure to accommodate the following situation. Please make suggestions on how this LAN can be designed based on floor map.
Network devices such as hub, switch, bridge, router, router switch, and wireless devices can be employed in combination.
The network design must provide high performance for the lab users and convenience for the staffs. Meanwhile, the cost of maintaining and building the designated network must be kept low.

A design proposal must be delivered at this stage that holds the following contents:

- Illustrations of the LAN design as well as necessary comments and annotations.
- Justifications of the current design, i.e. reasons for choosing structures and devices.
- Discuss whether this is a practical approach for the required situation from the following aspects:
- Network devices, Network topology, Performance, Cost, Convenience, Sharing of network resources, Any alternative solutions?
- Supplies list including sources of purchase,
- Model numbers, web links, cost, etc.
- The total cost for the network deployment (except for the PCs) should also be finalized.
- Distinguish between Network Devices, Computers and Servers.

Task 2 - Network Creation:

Upon the completion of Task 1, use Packet Tracer software to model the network that you have designed, and configure the network to make sure it is running properly.

The following requirements must be met:

- All the PCs except the ones in server room are workstations.

In the server room, there is a Web Server and a DNS Server.

- Test network connections between any two PCs, and give evidence.
- Allocate appropriate IP addresses for all the workstations and servers in network.
- Configure the DNS server and web server.

Make sure any PC in network can load the webpage from web server properly. Please include the Packet Tracer file in the submission. Screenshots must be included in the report.

The document must be:

• Total word count approximately 1800 words in length
• Word processed
• Inclusive of a list of references / bibliography (where applicable), following the Numeric Referencing System.

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