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problem1) Prime numbers are sometimes used to construct private and public key pairs.

• True
• False

problem2) The key benefit of the Feistel Cipher is:

1. The same algorithm can be used for encryption and decryption.
2. There are always 16 rounds.
3. There can be more then 16 rounds.
4. The algorithm is very difficult to analyze.
5. The algorithm can use different block sizes.

problem3) Match the specific attack with the type of attack it is.

Disruption of Service                   A. Active                                             
Eavesdropping                            B. Passive                           
Traffic Analysis
Modification of data

problem4) Select the best answer. If the senders private key is used to encrypt a message what functionality is provided:

1. Message integrity and confidentiality
2. Message confidentiality
3. Message authentication
4. Message authentication and message integrity
5. Message authentication and message confidentiality

problem5) The Diffie-Hellman key exchange is vulnerable to a________attack.

problem6) Using a Playfaircipher encrypt the following plaintext: THE CAR IS HERE Use HELLO as the keyword to set up the matrix. Show the answer in digraph form_________

problem7) The CIA acronym refers to which of the following:

1. Central Intelligence Association
2. Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability
3. Communication, Integrity, Accessibility
4. Cipher, Intelligence, Availability
5. None of the above

problem8) A secret key used for generating a message authentication code (MAC) should only be shared between the sender and receiver of a message.

• True
• False

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