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problem 1) Circuit-switching networks are also called as _____ networks:

A. Connection-oriented
B. Closed
C. Link
D. Packet

problem 2) PSTN stands for:

A. Packet switched telephone network
B. Public switched telephone network
C. Private switched telephone network
D. Personal switched telephone network

problem 3) ____ is a physical network which is made up of cables and satellites to connect computers and resources:

C. Internet

problem 4) What does URL stands for:

A. United Reform Locator
B. Unified Resource Locator
C. Uniform Resource Locator
D. United Resource Locator

problem 5) All accesses to internet are done via _________:

C. Protocol

problem 6) Which of the following is not regarded as searching tool:

A. Search Engines
B. Meta-Search Engines
C. Specialised Search Engines
D. Expert Search Engines

problem 7) Google is the ex of:

A. Search Engines
B. Expert Search Engines
C. Meta-Search Engines
D. Specialised Search Engines

problem 8) In a ____ network there are no dedicated servers or hierarchy among the computers:

A. Client-Server
B. Non-server
C. Peer-to-Peer
D. None of the above

problem 9) HTTP stands for:

A. Hypertext transaction protocol
B. Hypertext transfer position
C. Hypertext transfer protocol
D. None of the Above

problem 10) The internet uses which kind of clientserver architecture:

A. Centralised
B. Distributed
C. Decentralised
D. All of the above

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