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problem 1) Which of the following is not the ex of system software?

A. Microsoft Windows
B. Linux
C. Both of the above
D. Microsoft Word 2007

problem 2) A supercomputer is most appropriate for:

A. Typing letters
B. Playing video games
C. Performing complex scientific calculations
D. None of the above

problem 3) The manager of small business wants to computerize his system. What kind of computer would you recommend him to buy?

A. A minicomputer
B. A supercomputer
C. A mainframe
D. A handheld computer

problem 4) Which of the following is not the component of the CPU?

B. Control Unit
D. Register

problem 5) ALU stands for:

A. Arithmetic and Logic Unit
B. Arithmetical and Logic Unit
C. Arithmetic and Logical Unit
D. Arithmetical and Logical Unit

problem 6) What is the function of Control Unit?

A. Perform arithmetic and logic operations
B. Store data
C. Direct the flow of instructions and data in the CPU
D. All of the above

problem 7) The Instructions inside the ROM is called as:

A. Software
B. Hardware
C. Firmware
D. Mediumware

problem 8) Which of the following would not be stored in RAM:

A. The Operating system
B. A program currently running
C. Data needed by the program
D. None of the above

problem 9) The time taken for the CPU to fetch, decode and execute an instruction is called as a:

A. Computer cycle
B. Clock cycle
C. Machine cycle
D. Execution time

problem 10) Which of the following transports electrical signals between electrical components on the motherboard?

A. Bus
B. Register
C. Connectors
D. Wires

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