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Create the queries to support each of the reports which are required by Ms. Smith. It is expected that the information returned by the queries is sufficient to be used in the reporting process. Make sure your output contains enough information! The given is a recommendation and the MINIMUM amount of data you must have access to:

• Customer Table: A minimum of 12 customers (this will permit several channels to have more than one customer choosing it as a favorite channel).

• Billing Table: Records to support the above customers.

• Program Table: A minimum of 25 programs (your program guide must have adequate programs for different channels to support the program guide report)

• Other tables: An adequate amount of data to support the above when reports are run.

Create a heading of REPORTING STATEMENTS as a comment at the bottom of your group project database script file. Add six report queries to this area. In instances where you are asked to permit for user input, please specify a suitable value based on the data in your script. For illustration, Report 1 is a DATE driven report; thus, you must use a single date in your WHERE clause to display the information. Task 5 is the final task for the project and is designed to describe that you have adequately satisfied the requirements of the project. The given is what you are to submit for Task 5:

Your virtual notebook having:

1. The final polished version of Data Dictionary, ERD, and complete database script. The script must comprise DROP TABLE and CREATE TABLE statements, appropriate CONSTRAINTS, INSERT statements, UPDATE statement, and 6 REPORT QUERIES.

2. A Group Responsibilities Log.

3. A "Lessons Learned" document with a paragraph from each team member stating the key things learned via the course of this project. Team members encompass the option of submitting their Lessons Learned independent of the group.

4. A Team Evaluation Form from each team member. This form can be found in Doc Sharing. To maintain confidentiality, this must be submitted independently: Group Project drop box.

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