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problem 1) ADSL stands for:

A. Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line
B. Asynchronous Digital System Line
C. Asymmetric Digital System Line
D. Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

problem 2) Wi-Fi offers relatively high bandwidth within limited geographical area called as the:

A. Wi-Fi Hotspot
B. Wi-Fi Connection Area
C. Wi-Fi Location
D. Wi-Fi Site

problem 3) _______ provides wireless broadband access over long distance:

A. WiMax
B. Wi-Fi
D. None of the above.

problem 4) The ex of email client tool which can be used to manage email messages is called as:

A. Microsoft Word
B. Internet Explorer
C. Microsoft Outlook
D. Microsoft Access

problem 5) The rules governing the use of internet in Mauritius are under the:

A. Computer Act
B. Internet Act
C. Electronic Transaction Act
D. Information Technology Act

problem 6) An HTML file is a text file that contains small:

A. HTML Tags
B. Markup Tags
C. Case Sensitive Tags
D. Special Tags

problem 7) In order to divide your text into paragraphs, which tag shall you use:




problem 8) What is the maximum number of heading levels in HTML:

A. 6
B. 3
C. 1
D. 5

problem 9) Links which send you to a separate webpage are called:

A. External Links
B. Outer Links
C. Inner Links
D. Internal Links

problem 10) ____ is the pane which contains an HTML document:

A. Cell
B. Frameset
C. Frame
D. None of the above

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