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Your Case Study should be based on the information given. There will be no extra information. This should be submitted in a .doc, or .pdf format.

A1 Cars is a car dealership situated in Forth Worth, Texas.

The company has grown significantly over the last 5 years and due to physical space restrictions they have decided to expand their operations by opening the other site in Denton, Texas.

This location was selected so that they could market their cars more simply in the Southern Oklahoma area.

The new site will only have one building, and will bring an extra 25 employees on to the company payroll.

Employees are as shown:

There will be one general manager with an executive secretary, and also three shift managers.

The service or parts departments will employee a total of 12 employees. Five of such employees are mechanics.

Book keeping department will employee three employees and there will be 5 salesmen.

All applications for financing or loans should be approved via the parent company situated in Fort Worth.

Even although the company has grown they have a limited budget to get their new company network, “including computers” up and running.

You are in charge of advising the A1 Cars Company on what kind of network schema they will require for their new location.

The new building will be hardwired before you start you analysis.

The Project Manager asks that you submit your proposal with detailed information that he or she can understand.  

Your Case Study should be based on the information provided.There will be no extra information.

Some major points in the case study that will be looking for are:

A) WAN/LAN/etc?

B) Client Server or Peer to Peer?

C) Hubs/Switches/Routers used?

D) Printing Needs?

E) Computers/Specs?

F) Protocols?

G) OS/Applications installed?

H) Wireless?

I) Security?

J) Media/Cabling?

K) Budget?

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