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problem 1) Tailor made software:

A. can be purchased off the shelf and used
B. is developed for specific use in organizations
C. is commercially available
D. All of the above

problem 2) A supercomputer is most appropriate for:

A. Typing documents
B. Playing video games
C. Mobility
D. solving complex scientific calculations

problem 3) The Central Processing Unit is also called as the _____:

A. Transistor
B. Port
C. Processor
D. System Bus

problem 4) Which of the following is component of the CPU:

B. Central Unit
C. Arithmetic and Logistic Unit
D. None of the above

problem 5) ____ are storage areas located within the CPU and offer the advantage of speed:

A. Registers
B. Random Access Memory
C. Hard Disk
D. Special Memory

problem 6) Which of the memories hold program and instructions, recorded at the factory, for booting the computer:

A. Random Access Memory
B. Read Only Memory
C. Cache Memory
D. Register

problem 7) The combination of I-Time and E-Time is known as:

A. Life Cycle
B. Program Cycle
C. Processing Cycle
D. None of the above

problem 8) During E-Time, the ALU:

A. Executes the instruction
B. Decode the instruction
C. Evaluates the instruction
D. Fetches the instruction

problem 9) All chips and other electronic components on the motherboard are interconnected via set of wires strips called as:

A. Cable
B. Bus
C. Network
D. None of the above

problem 10) The number of bits that can be carried out at one time is called the _____:

A. Bus Capacity
B. Bus Size
C. Bus Width
D. Bus Power

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