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1) Sketch the suitable functional block diagram of microprocessor 8085 and describe in detail.

2) Sketch the suitable timing diagram for fetching and execution (on 8085 Processor) of the instructions given below:

i) DCR M

ii) LXI B, data.

3) What do you understand by looping and indexing?  Describe with suitable ex.

4) Determine the smallest number in the block of data.  Block of 10 numbers is stored from memory location 2200H.

5) describe the functional block diagram and programming of USART 8251in brief.

6) prepare down the interfacing of 8259 to 8085 microprocessor.

7) Describe how the interrupts are processed by 8259.

8) Compare the 8085 microprocessor with the z80 processor.

9) How 8279 is used as 7 segment show interface with 8085.

10) Describe the 8085 microprocessor based stepper motor control system in detail.

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