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problem 1:

Illustrate the channel formation in case of depletion mode MOS transistors and how the transistor action distinct from enhancement mode transistor.

problem 2:

Illustrate how a bi polar NPN transistor is included in well CMOS processing.

problem 3:

Sketch the cross section of Bi CMOS transistor.

problem 4:

Prove that the combination of BJT and MOS technology provides the best performance in Analogue VLSI design.

problem 5:

Sketch the block diagram of D/A converter appropriate for VLSI Analogue Circuits and discuss.

problem 6:

Illustrate about the design approaches for full custom and semi custom Devices.

problem 7:

Illustrate the various techniques used to test sequential Logic.

problem 8:

Make a distinction between simulator and circuit extractor.

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