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problem1) Search the web (mainly IEEE and ACM) publication databases to find a recent article on a biomedical application using a microcontroller. Clearly mention the reference(s).

In the report following must be included:

• Provide a very brief discussion on what the paper is about. (1-2 paragraphs)
• Clearly specify which microcontroller is used.
• Summarize which components/peripherals of the microcontroller are used.

problem2) Assume you are in charge of designing a microcontroller-based system for a packet processing application. These are high speed internet packets from the PC which are going to be processed in the microcontroller. In this application, you are asked to identify the number of times a given string (known) appeared within a short period of time in the steam of packets. This is a string-matching detector. Roughly, draw theblock diagram (or describe) how you will design this microcontroller-based string matching detector. Which peripherals will you be using? What considerations will you take into account?

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