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Pit owns a small bike shop FeelWheel that sells only customized bikes. These days, many customers inherit their bikes from their grandparents or buy them in hardware stores. Thus, it does not make much sense for Pit to have a large number of standard bikes available in his shop. Rather, selling highly customized bikes is much more profitable. Pit decided to sell only bikes of Fami, a medium size manufacturer, well known for the quality of produced bikes and the timely delivery. For his own usage and for demonstration purposes, Pit keeps some Fami bikes in the shop. Sometimes he even rents them on a low cost basis.

Most of the customers coming to Pit have precise ideas on what kind of bike they want to order. To have the latest sales offers available, Pit first updates the online catalogue for parts produced by Fami over the Internet. Then, choosing the bike configuration is straight-forward - most customers know pretty well what they want. If the customer is unsure about a specific part or wants to try out a bike, Pit checks which of the available bikes is close to the envisioned configuration and offers it for a test ride. After that, the customer can reconfigure "his" bike, if he or she feels a need to do so. Though, it may be the case that Pit has no appropriate bike available, which precludes the option of a test ride for the customer.

Once the customer is happy with the bike configuration, Pit offers a price for the whole package. Pit is a smart guy, so he already takes into account that the customer may want to bargain. He knows: a customer who has the impression to make a bargain is a happy customer that comes back again and brings friends and family as well. So, they start a haggling game: Pit offers a price, which may not be accepted by the customer, so that Pit is offering a lower price, etc. Of course, this may lead to a situation in which either Pit or the customer is so fed up that one of them would simply stop the negotiation.

If the customer accepts an offer, the order is sent to Fami. As a guarantee, the customer has to do an initial payment to Fami in order to trigger assembling of the bike. Later, the customer has to transfer the remaining amount to Fami. Only when this has happened, Fami transfers the provision for selling the bike to Pit. If the customer appears to be hesitant during the negotiation, sometimes, Pit offers a payment by instalments, meaning that the customer pays a monthly rate. In this case, Pit directly pays the full price to Fami. Here, Pit gets a better price compared to what the customer would have paid. The customer then pays multiple monthly rates to Pit, the first one directly in the shop.

Sometimes, Fami has problems when assembling the bike because certain spare parts are not available. Then, Fami informs Pit and suggests usage of an alternative part. Pit then contacts the customer, explains the problem and the offered solution and may update the order at Fami for the customer.

Until the bike has not been delivered, the customer may get in touch with Pit to change the configuration or to cancel the whole order. If this is the case, Pit contacts Fami to either update or cancel the order. Occasionally, this is not possible anymore. If the order can be cancelled and the customer has chosen payment by instalments, Pit refunds the full price except for a cancellation fee. Still, Pit has to pay a part of that cancellation fee also to Fami.

Pit gets notified by Fami about shipping of the bike. Hereupon, Pit gets in touch with the customer to let him or her know about the earliest date for pick up at the shop.


You are a process consultant for Pit Power. Model the process captured in the proposed scenario as a Workflow net.

As this Workflow net will be used as a basis for implementing an information system to support Pit Power's business, it must reflect the proposed process specification as closely as possible.

Ensure that your model is free of syntax errors and that every occurrence sequence in the resulting Workflow net can be extended to an occurrence sequence that leads to the marking that puts one token in the only terminal place of the Workflow net and no tokens elsewhere.

Since the staffs at Pit Power are not process experts, there may be some open points in the description. For those cases, take assumptions that seem to be appropriate against the background of optimally supporting Pit Power's business. Please support assumptions (if any) that you introduce with clear textual descriptions.

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