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problem 1) The system unit houses the motherboard, CPU, Primary Storage, _______, ________.

A. Secondary Storage and Input devices
B. Secondary Storage and output devices
C. I/0 devices and ports
D. Secondary Storage and ports

problem 2) Which of the following devices is the ex of peripheral device:

A. The motherboard
B. The CPU
C. The Mouse
D. The sound card

problem 3) _____ is/are regarded as a fifth part of computer system:

A. Hardware
B. Software
C. Procedures
D. People

problem 4) Which of the following devices is not the ex of optical storage device:

C. Hard disk
D. None of the above

problem 5) Harry bought computer from the company who imports the computer parts from various manufacturers and then assembles them locally. What kind of computer did Harry buy:

A. Brand computer
B. Clone computer
C. Alien computer
D. None of the above

problem 6) Which of the following devices is the ex of magnetic storage device:

A. Floppy disk
D. None of the above

problem 7) Data is accessed sequentially on:

B. Floppy disk
C. Magnetic tape
D. Magnetic disk

problem 8) Which of the following is the ex of system software:

A. MS Word
B. Windows Media Player
C. Windows Vista
D. Solitaire

problem 9) A tailor made software:

A. can be purchased off the shelf and used
B. is commercially available
C. is developed for specific use in organizations
D. All of the above

problem 10) _______ is the most significant part of the information system:

A. Procedures
B. People
C. Hardware
D. Software

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