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Computer Architecture

Networking Option

The project is an important part of this course, and the purpose behind it is to engage in systems research and investigate novel ideas and applications. You will gain research experience by building on the concepts presented in this course to investigate a particular topic further.

Your task for this project is to prepare a (detailed) research report outlining the architecture and design of a Cisco 2600 series router and provide some detail regarding how the router operating system (known as Cisco IOS) interacts with the hardware components. At the minimum, your report should provide details regarding the processor, memory layout (registers, cache, etc.), bus architecture, instruction set architecture, potential programming implications (e.g., “tricks/hacks” to overcome limitations inherent in the architecture design, etc.).


• Report guidelines:

- Use 12 point font, single-spaced

- You may include figures in the report (figures should be numbered and any figure present in the report should be referred to in the text)

- Include a cover page that includes: i) title, ii) IT skills workshop group name, iii) fullname and student ID of all group members

- Maximum number of pages: 15

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