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1. describe about menus and their significance in user interface in detail.

2. describe about structures and functions of menu with appropriate illustrations in detail.

3. Describe the content and types of menus

4. prepare down the requirement for device based and screens based control and describe the characteristics of them.

5. describe about components and presentation styles of windows with appropriate illustrations in detail.

6. Describe how screen based controls are used in web interface with suitable exs.

7. Describe windows management and prepare down its operations. Describe in detail about selection, custom and presentation controls

8. Present the proper design for the following requirement “John needs to develop a portal for his shop to encourage their customers for online shopping. His customer can differ from young age to old age. He doesn’t want to unsatisfy his customer to move between many pages and to type more. He needs a portal in such a way that it can also be accessed through keyboard also. Design a screen prototype to satisfy John to give you the order”

9. Present a proper design for the following requirement “Jasmine needs to develop the education portal as virtual class room for her subject. She needs only her students to access portal to submit assignment, online test. She will make corrections and post again. Students can access notes and her lecture from portal. Develop a prototype to implement all the functionalities”

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