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Please show your calculations ? do not just write the answers. Also, just to be clear, it's my understanding that the solutions to the even-numbered problems in MBB are not available anywhere to students. But if you should happen to find them somewhere, you're not allowed to consult them on this assignment.Please note that each problem part will be graded separately.

1. MBB Problem 17.8 (modified): Ridership on the North Salem Independent Transit System is increasing. The city's program evaluation office feels that the increase in the number of riders every day is due to the price of gasoline. Using data for the past 3 years, the evaluation office regresses daily ridership (Y) on the price of gasoline (in cents) for that day (X). It finds:
Y ^=212+187X; s.e.b = 17.4; R2 = .91; n = 1,095.

(a)State the hypotheses.

(b)Interpret the intercept.

(c) Interpret the slope.

(d)Interpret the R-squared.

(e)Test the slope for significance.

(f)Do the results support the evaluation office's beliefs?

(g)There were an average of 50,000 daily riders last week. What would the office expect that the average price of gasoline was last week?

(h)If the price of gasoline increases by $0.50 a gallon, what is the predicted change in the number of daily riders?

2. MBB Problem 17.22 (modified): Deborah Long, director of the Southeastern Wisconsin Nonprofits Coalition, is interested in why some nonprofits in the region collaborate more than others. Ms. Long believes that collaboration is negatively related to organizational size (i.e., the larger the nonprofit, the less likely the need to collaborate with other nonprofit organizations). To test her hypothesis, Ms. Long has collected data from a sample of 75 nonprofit organizations. Size is measured using each organization's annual budget in dollars (BUDGET). The dependent variable is the number of collaborative relationships each nonprofit is engaged in (CRELATE). Assist Ms. Long by generating a regression equation. (Hint: Multiply the slope coefficient by 1,000,000 to assist with interpretation.) (Note: The data set for this problem is posted on Blackboard.)

(a) State the hypotheses.

(b)Interpret the slope.

(c) Interpret the p-value of the slope coefficient.

(d) Interpret the R-squared.

(e) Do the results support Ms. Long's belief?

(f) The Milwaukee Arts Council has an annual budget of $30 million. How many collaborative relationships should Ms. Long predict it to be engaged in?

(g)The Kenosha Arts Council is engaged in 10 more collaborative relationships than the Milwaukee Arts Council. How much smaller would Ms. Long predict that the Kenosha Arts Council's budget is, as compared with the Milwaukee Arts Council's budget?

3. MBB Problem 20.12 (modified):The Strategic Air Command (SAC) is concerned about the possibility that missiles will not launch successfully. Utilizing test data, it regresses X1(the temperature at launch in degrees Fahrenheit), X2(the number of months since the last overhaul of the launch mechanism), and X3(the number of ICBMs sited within 800 meters). SAC gets the following results with Y (a dummy variable that is coded 1 if the launch fails):

Y ^=0.06-0.12X_1+0.006X_2-0.094X_3; s.e.b1 = 0.0021; s.e.b2 = 0.0015; s.e.b3 = 0.087; R2 = .69; n = 214.

(a)Interpret the slope for X1.

(b)Interpret the slope for X2.

(c)Interpret the R-squared.

(d)Test the slope of X1 for significance.

(e)Test the slope of X2 for significance.

(f)SAC wants the probability of failure to be no more than 20%. If launches will proceed at -10 degrees with no other missiles within 800 meters, how often should launch mechanisms be serviced?

4. MBB Problem 20.14 (modified):The state tax division is evaluating the money raised by state sales taxes. Using data from all states, division members regress the amount of money raised by the sales tax per capita on the average per-capita income (X1) and a dummy variable coded 1 if the state taxed the sale of groceries (X2). They get the following results:

Y ^=0.03+0.0218X_1+147.18X_2; s.e.b1 = 0.0043; s.e.b2 = 36.3; R2 = .86; n = 50.

(a)Interpret the slope for X1.

(b)Interpret the slope for X2.

(c)Interpret the R-squared.

(d)Test the slope of X1 for significance.

(e)Test the slope of X2 for significance.

(f) How much could a state with a per-capita income of $33,947 and a tax on groceries raise per capita with a sales tax?

5. MBB Problem 20.20 (modified): Officials in the Michigan Department of Education want to determine why student performance varies across school districts in the state. Department officials ask their chief statistician to run a regression analysis where the average district pass rate on the state-mandated standardized skills test is the dependent variable (TEST). The independent variables are the average teacher salary per school district (TSAL), the average class size (CLSIZE), and the average district daily attendance rate (ATTEND). (Note: The data set for this problem is posted on Blackboard.)

(a)Interpret the slope for TSAL.

(b)Interpret the slope for CLSIZE.

(c)Interpret the slope for ATTEND.

(d)Interpret the R-squared.

(e)Interpret the p-value of the slope coefficient for TSAL.

(f)Interpret the p-value of the slope coefficient for CLSIZE.

(g)Interpret the p-value of the slope coefficient for ATTEND.

(h) The Bluewater School District has an average teacher salary of $40,000, an average class size of 15 students, and an average daily attendance rate of 95 percent. What should the statistician predict for Bluewater's average pass rate?

Attachment:- data_for_hw_61.rar

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