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problem 1)a) With neat block diagram describe the working of the first general purpose computer

b) Consider an assignment statement X = (a - b * c)/d where a, b, c, d and X are the main memory locations. prepare a set of instructions to implement the above assignment statement on:

i) Accumulator based machine and

ii) Stack oriented machine.

iii) General register machine using two address instructions

problem 2)a) Perform (-88)10*(-44)10 using Booth’s algorithm.

b) Perform (100)10÷ (15)10 using Non Restoring division algorithm. Also draw the flow chart.

problem 3)a) Certain processor needs seven instructions (I0 to I6) whose relative frequency of occurrence is as shown below:

Instruction           I0           I1           I2            I3            I4          I5           I6
Rel. Frequency   0.05        0.1         0.4        0.18         0.2       0.04       0.03

i) Develop the Huffman's tree and design appropriate OPCODE for each instruction.

ii) Determine the percentage redundancy

b) With a neat block diagram describe the content addressable memory.

c) prepare a detailed note on cache memory.

problem 4) Design hardwired control unit for Booths multiplication process. Show each steps clearly.

problem 5)a) Design a 4-bit, 4 functions ALU which can perform addition, subtraction, logical AND and logical OR operations

b) Describe the following terms with respect to the execution of p tasks using a q segment pipeline:

(i) Speed Up

(ii) Throughput

(iii) Efficiency

c) What are the components of Instruction Pipeline system ? describe.

problem 6) With appropriate diagram describe ISO OSI reference model in computer networks.

b) prepare a detailed note on Daisy chain interrupt handling.

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