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problem 1) PCI stands for:

A. Peripheral Computer Interconnect
B. Peripheral Component Interconnect
C. Peripheral Component Interchange
D. Peripheral Computer Interchange

problem 2) Two bytes contain

A. 8 bits
B. 6 bits
C. 16 bits
D. 2 bits

problem 3) (1024)3 bytes represent:

A. 1 MB
B. 1 GB
C. 1 KB
D. 1 TB

problem 4) Which one of the following is not standard text code system:

D. Unimode

problem 5) Octal notation is base:

A. 8
B. 16
C. 2
D. 10

problem 6) One method to speed up the computer system is to increase:

A. The ROM capacity
B. The RAM capacity
C. The Hard Disk capacity
D. None of the above

problem 7) SDRAM stands for:

A. Static Dynamic RAM
B. Synchronising Dynamic RAM
C. Synchronous Dynamic RAM
D. Stagnant Dynamic RAM

problem 8) Which of the following ROM technologies can be erased using voltage higher than standard operating voltage:


problem 9) ____ refers to reading writing of data in any order:

A. Sequential Access
B. Random Access
C. Parallel Access
D. Virtual Access

problem 10) Data is organized and stored in concentric circular tracks on a:

A. Magnetic Disk
B. Optical Disk
C. Magnetic Tape
D. None of the above

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