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Section-I PowerPoint

problem.1 Make a presentation (minimum 15 slides) on computer basics that must include the following details:

(a) Hardware components

(b) Different types of software

(c) Type of application software

(d) Features of Operating System

(e) Features of micro-processor

problem.2 Briefly prepare the advanced features of the software used in making the presentation in problem 1.

Section-II Outlook

problem.3 Imagine that you are the instructor and want to conduct tutorials on computer basics. You are needed to fix time book a classroom and other resources for conducting the session. prepare all the choices available in outlook to fulfil the scenario above.       

problem.4 In the above scenario, supposing that class room is not available on that particular day. Hence the class has to be rescheduled. How it would be done?

prepare all the choices available in the outlook to fulfil the scenario.       

Section-III Browsing and Discussion Forum

problem.5 Open Mozilla Firefox (MF) and perform the following:

• Set MF as your default browser

• Change the appearance of the browser

• Visit all the tourist places of north-eastern states

• Add and delete pages to favorites

prepare all the steps of the above tasks.

problem.6 Choose advanced search option of Google for the following:

(i) Top Hindi files between 1970-1975.

(ii) Top ten English newspapers published worldwide.           

problem.7 Collaborate online (in a group) on Google docs to create the presentation on ‘Job Scenario in IT Worldwide’. The entire group must work on the presentation simultaneously from their respective machines. Use speaker notes for any online discussion.

problem.8 Use mail merge to create the invitation to your friends for the function with date of celebration, venue, timing and their address:                           

Section-IV: SpreadSheet

problem.9  Create the workbook containing the size of sales of the automobile of a particular brand in ten states in percent of the total sales in the country. Create the Pie Chart for the similar data.

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