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problem1. Make a distinction between raster and vector images.

problem2. Describe the concept of bit depth. What is the minimum number if bits required for a one-colour digital image to be photorealistic.

problem3. What do you understand by addressable resolution of printer?

Qusetion4. The maximum resolution on the HP printer is 2400 × 1200 dpi. What do these numbers mean?

problem5. In brief describe the following terms:

i. Dots

ii. Drops

iii. Spots

problem6. Describe dye sublimation. How does it function?

problem7. Describe with the aid of a diagram, how a thermal inkjet printer works.

problem8. In brief describe the term density range.

problem9. Make a distinction between scaling and resampling.

problem10. Are there any downsides to scanning film at highest resolution?  Demonstrate your answer with an ex.

problem11. What are the benefits of a digital camera compared to film camera?

problem12. What is a colour management system? In brief describe how it works.

problem13. What are the three main factors which are influencing print permanence?

problem14. Briefly describe three ways to enhance print permanence.

problem15. describe downside of pigments, compared to dyes.

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