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problem 1)a) What is data processing? Distinguish between data and information. Which one is more useful? Justify.

b) Convert:

i) (4052)16= ( ? )10
ii) (11011)2= ( ? )10.

c) What are five basic operations of computer system?

problem2)a) Distinguish between the characteristics of primary and secondary storage of computers.

b) Simplify following Boolean Function to minimum number of literals.

i) x‾y‾z+x‾y.z+xy‾

c) describe the role of components of CPU.

problem 2)a) List out the major steps involved in the execution of instruction.

b) Define Terms : Multitasking, multiprocessing and multiprogramming with exs.

c) What role do I/O devices play list ex I/O devices.

problem 3)a) List out the main uses of magnetic tape.

b) describe in brief printing mechanism of laser printer.

c) Define Terms nibble, byte, word, bit.

problem 4)a) Describe the importance of system software for a computers.

b) What is Software Engineering? What are major phases?

c) What do you understand by language of computer? What is compiler? What is its importance?

problem 5)a) What are desirable characteristics of good programming language?

b) What do you understand by machine language and assembly language? What is higher level language?

c) Distinguish

i) Compiler and Interpreter.

ii) Macro and function.

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