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problem 1: While executing a program, if the 8085 MPU completes the fetching of the machine code positioned at the memory address 2057H, then what is the content of the program counter?

problem 2: Determine the role of clock in Microprocessor?

problem 3: describe the difference between INR and INX instructions?

problem 4: List out all the interrupt signals of the 8085 microprocessor?

problem 5: prepare brief note on the evolution of microprocessors.

problem 6: What do you mean by flag?

problem 7: Why are the program counter and the stack pointer 16-bit registers?

problem 8: describe the function of the WR signal on the memory chip?

problem 9: Specify the number of registers and memory cells in a 128 x 4 memory chip.

problem 10: What is the memory word size needed in an 8085 microprocessor system?

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