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problem 1: What are significant signals of Intel 8086 microprocessor?

problem 2: How many operating modes does 8086 microprocessor encompass?

problem 3:

a) Describe in detail the given instructions:

• DI

b) Define and describe the term addressing modes.

problem 4: List all the four categories of 8085 microprocessor instructions that manipulate the data.

problem 5: Define opcode and operand and specify the opcode and the operand in the instruction MOV H, L.

problem 6: prepare logical steps to add up the following two Hex numbers. Both the numbers must be saved for future use. Save the sum in the accumulator. Numbers: A2H and 18H.

problem 7:

a) Specify the contents of the registers and the flag status as the given instructions are executed.

• MVI A, 00H
• MVI B, F8H
• MOV C, A
• MOV D, B

b) prepare instructions to load the hexadecimal number 65H in register C and 92H in accumulator A. Display the number 65H at PORT0 and 92H at PORT1.

problem 8: Draw and describe the block diagram of a microprocessor 8085.

problem 9:

a) Why the lower order address bus is multiplexed with data bus? How they will be de-multiplexed?

b) Distinguish between maskable and non-maskable interrupts.

problem 10: prepare an 8085 assembly language program by using minimum number of instructions to add the 16 bit no. in BC, DE & HL. Store 16-bit result in DE pair.

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