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problem 1:

List all 5 responsibilities of Operating System.

problem 2:

Provide four (4) reasons to justify the use of Linux Operating System.

problem 3:

You are rolling out servers to offer Internet access to your company’s e-commerce application. You anticipate four (4) servers dedicated to the front-end Web application and one server for a robust, active SQL database.

Which editions of Microsoft Server 2003 will provide most cost-effective solution? Provide reasons for your answer.

problem 4:

If you have a class B network and want to divide it in subnets, each with 126 hosts, which subnet mask must you use? What are the four (4) addresses (broadcast and network number) for the network starting at 131.204.18?

problem 5:

As part of their new networking environment at Multipro Company Limited, the network administrator has decided to employ a Linux machine as a router between two subnets. The following table shows the network interface configuration which has been devised by network administrator:


i) Draw a network routing table based on the table above showing Destination of IP datagrams, Gateway, Network Mask and Interfaces.

ii) Using the IP addresses which you identified in i) above, use Linux commands to facilitates both subnets to communicate.

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