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problem 1: iRoom was constructed based on the guiding principles listed below, describe on each one of such principles with respect to why the particular principle was adopted and how it influenced the overall design of iRoom.

• Practice what we preach
• Emphasize co-location
• Rely on social conventions
• Aim for wide applicability
• Keep it simple

problem 2: The iRoom supports multimodality in terms of Human Computer Interaction, describe what is meant by multimodality in this case and describe your answer with an illustration from the iRoom project.

problem 3:

a) According to the Authors, what was possibly the main mistake made in constructing the first iRoom and why was it the main mistake?

b) How was this taken care of in the second version of iRoom?

c) Can you think of a solution which would further resolve this problem?

problem 4: State and describe the three iROS subsystems.

problem 5: iROS systems decouple application referentially and temporally, describe these two concepts and their respective benefit for iRoom.

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