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Problem1. You are appointed as a graphics designer in advertising agency and recently completed a brochure artwork for a client. You need to send the file for printing before final submission to latter.

problem1. List at least three reasons why you would convert an InDesign document to Adobe PDF file before sending to printing agency?

problem2. You realised which you have been working with RGB colours and should eventually convert the colours to CMYK.

i) Illustrate the meaning of abbreviations of CMYK and RGB.

ii) According to you, what does the “K” in CMYK stands for? Why has “K” been used? Give two reasons.

iii) Mention the five steps to follow for converting the file in PDF file for print.

problem3. You have been asked to embed images by printing agency. Give a reason why this should be done?

problem4. The printing agency staffs frequently call you to say that there are missing fonts in your soft copy throughout printing processes. What two measures would you undertake to avoid this problem this time?

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