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Q1. Illustrate the fundamental steps included in the digital image processing? How an image is acquired?

Q2. Describe the use of directional smoothing in the image processing.

Q3. Illustrate the use of image sharpening and how is it accomplished? Give an illustration to describe your answer.

Q4. Illustrate the meaning of unsharp masking? What steps does this method comprise of? What do you mean by high-boost filtering?

Q5. Describe the thresholding? prepare an algorithm to find out the basic global threshold value.

Q6. Illustrate the different steps of Canny Edge detection algorithm? In brief describe the way gradient is find outd.

Q7. Describe the use of Discrete Fourier Transform in the image processing, specifically in the filtering?

Q8. Name the operations which are used to highlight the high frequency components in the image. In brief describe the method.

Q9. What do you mean by chain code? describe how this code is employed to symbolize an image?

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