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Q1. Illustrate the operation of applying the Merge Sort algorithm on the list:

14, 25, 3, 21, 7, 35, 18, 27

Q2. Illustrate the efficiency of the Merge Sort algorithm? Also illustrate the efficiency of Insertion Sort, Bubble Sort and Selection Sort algorithms in the worst case?

Q3. What do you mean by breadth-first traversal and breadth-first search of the undirected graph? prepare down the iterative breadth-first traversal algorithm.

Q4. Convert the given infix expression to the postfix expression:


Draw a binary tree having keys P, L, A, C, E, in such a way that the post-order traversal visits nodes in this order: E, A, L, C, P and the in-order traversal visits nodes in order: E, L, A, P, C.

Q5. prepare down a recursive algorithm to find out the sum of squares from given number m to n that is, Compute m2 + (m+1)2 …..+ n2

Q6. The array comprises the given elements [17 46 5 23 20]. Use heap sort method to sort the elements in increasing order. Draw the heap trees as you move via each step.

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