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problem 1: How is X COPY a better copy command than the command COPY?

problem 2: What do you mean by the term batch files? What is the importance of the AUTOEXEC.BAT file?

problem 3: Illustrate some of the advanced features of the window 98.

problem 4: describe the differences between copying and moving the files and folders?

problem 5: When a folder is copied to the other place, do the sub-folders in the folder as well get copied?

problem 6: describe windows Explorer and illustrate some of its functions?

problem 7: Distinguish between notepad and WordPad.

problem 8: What do you mean by the term dialog box? As well describe its different components.

problem 9: What do you mean by the term start Group? What are the various functions which can be done via this?

problem 10: Describe some of the advance features of the windows 98.

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