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problem 1) Answer the following in detail:

(a) What do you mean by a heuristic function.

(b) How is procedural knowledge different from declarative knowledge?

(c) describe the two quantifiers used in predicate calculus and give one ex of each.

(d) What do you mean by a skolemization with an ex.

(e) What do you mean by a fuzzy set.

(f) Is TEIRESIAS a rule based expert system? Justify.

(g) describe EMYCIN in detail.

(h) prepare down advantages of expert systems.

(i) describe the use of planning in expert systems?

(j) Consider the problem of tossing two fair coins. Compute the probability of getting tail on both coins. What is the probability of getting a tail on tossing one or both coins?

problem 2) prepare down the difference between an expert system and a knowledge – based system?

problem 3) Why is knowledge acquisition difficult?

problem 4) What is a production rule? What is the relationship between a set of production rules and a decision tree? describe with a suitable ex.

problem 5) Describe the type of problems handled by MYCIN and DENDRAL expert system.

problem 6) prepare down the characteristics of an expert system.

problem 7) What is an Expert system shell? describe the use of creating an expert system shell?

problem 8) Give an ex of a neural net expert system.

problem 9) Give some criteria for selecting an expert system building tool. Describe the working of an expert system building tool.

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