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problem 1: describe the procedure of implementation of DBMS.

problem 2: State the applications of IT in hospitals.

problem 3: Enumerate the life cycle of the system development.

problem 4: describe the procedure of power point presentation.

problem 5: Mr. Allen is the head of the accounting section in a fast growing manufacturing company. In the section, he has 30 employees under his control. The company has 300 employees mostly drawn from nearby areas. The recent changes in science and technology have prompted management to introduce mechanization in the accounting section, Mr. Allen is asked to elucidate the significance of having a computer in the accounts department to his employees. The introduction of computer, undoubtedly influences the lives of all those who are working in the section. Some 15 employees will have to restructure their job responsibilities; 10 employees need training in the use of computer and the remaining 5 employees might have to knock the doors of other companies for jobs, Of course, all such chances though painful, take place gradually. This condition is quite similar to the other situation witness by Mr. Prasad some time back. Eight months ago, the company has hired a computer on lease basis to handle the production inventory. The management is highly pleased with the arrangement, for the inventory processing has enhanced terribly afterwards, however fortunately, the production people have resisted the move strongly. Now, Mr. Allen is in a tight corner. Strangely, he is entrusted with the responsibility of introducing the computer in his own section.

a) How do you inform regarding the installation of computer to employees?
b) State the proposed modifications in installation.
c) How do you convince employees to accept the modifications?

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