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problem 1) Answer the following problems

a) Describe the characteristics features of expert systems.

b) Describe unique applications of expert system.

c) describe the facts and rules in a simple knowledge-based system?

d) Distinguish between tree architectures and black-board system architectures.

e) prepare down the advantages of analogical reasoning architecture.

f) Give the list of methods of knowledge acquisition.

g) How boundaries are described in data capturing?

h) Distinguish neural expert system and fuzzy expert system.

i) What do you mean by learning, planning in expert system?

j) prepare down the features and capabilities that should be in any tool of expert system?

problem 2) prepare down the main advantages in keeping the knowledge base separate from the control module in knowledge-based system?

problem 3) Provide an ex of the use of meta knowledge in expert systems inference.

problem 4) How do rules in prolog differ from general production system rules?

problem 5) Describe the difference between forward and backward chaining and under what conditions each would be best to use for a given set of problems.

problem 6) How real time expert system is different from normal expert system. Provide ex of both systems.

problem 7) Draw and describe associative or semantic network architecture and frame architecture.

problem 8) Describe how uncertainty is propagated through a chain of rules during a consolation with an expert system which is based on MYCIN architecture.

problem 9) prepare down the advantages and disadvantages of TIERES, MYCIN & AM expert systems.

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