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problem 1:

a) E-mail is a common feature nowadays in IT. What does it stands for and what is it employed for?

b) In brief describe four (4) advantages of using the electronic mail system in contrast to using the postal service or a fax system.

problem 2:

prepare concise notes on the dissimilar kinds of computer systems that exist.

problem 3:

Spreadsheet packages are widely used in Business.

a) describe why spreadsheets are so useful.

b) Spreadsheet files are sometimes saved for use by other software packages.  Give an ex of such use.

c) Goalseek is a significant feature of MS Excel. State its function.

d) describe what is a macro and why is it significant?

problem 4:

a) Suggest two types of printer which would be suitable for printing a colour copy of school magazine.

b) Compare the disadvantages and advantages of the two types of printer you have selected.

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