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problem 1) CAM stands for:

A. Computer Aided Motor
B. Computer Aided Machine
C. Computer Aided Manufacturing
D. Computer Aided Movement

problem 2) Application Software can be classified as:

A. Application and system
B. Ready-made and Tailor made
C. Standard and non-standard
D. None of the above

problem 3) What kind of software comes along with its source, which permit the user to make changes to it:

A. System Software
B. Application Software
C. Free Software
D. Open Source Software

problem 4) FLOPS stands for:

A. Floating point operation per second
B. Floating power occurrence per second
C. Floating point occurrence per second
D. Floating power operation per second

problem 5) Multitasking operating system:

A. Carries out a single task at a time
B. Is a computer which has more than one processor
C. executes more than one task at a time
D. None of the above

problem 6) The bootstrap loader resides in the:

C. Registry
D. Main Memory

problem 7) When computer boots up it performs the _____:

A. Power Online Self Test
B. Power On Security Test
C. Power Off Self Test
D. Power On Self Test

problem 8) Free space management, storage allocation and disk scheduling fall under which of the following OS function:

A. Process Management
B. Memory Management
C. Secondary Storage Management
D. Device Management

problem 9) ____ makes use of variety of software technologies to map pedagogical approaches using computer:

A. Productivity Software
B. Education Software
C. Entertainment Software
D. Web Based Software

problem 10) Which of the following software is loaded first for computer to operate:

A. System Software
B. Application Software
C. Open Source Software
D. End-User Software

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