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problem 1: What do you mean by term heap? prepare an algorithm for implementing the priority Queue using heap.

problem 2: What are the problems related with Quadratic Probing? Describe with an illustration.

problem 3: What is hashing with Chains? Describe? Compare this with Linear Probing?

problem 4:

a) Define the abstract class for dictionary? prepare the methods find, insert, erase used in dictionary?
b) Describe the time complexities to perform above three operations?

problem 5: Find out the time complexity of Insertion Sort, Selection Sort, Bubble Sort, Heap Sort, Merge Sort and Quick sort on sorted input, reversely sorted input and input of identical elements. Suppose that the input list has n elements. Suppose that in Quick Sort the pivot is the first element of the list to be sorted. You might provide the answers by filling out the given table.

1389_sorting methods.jpg

problem 6: Describe about Heap Sort and Analysis of heap sort.

problem 7: Describe different kinds of Hash function.

problem 8: Describe different collision resolution methods.

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