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1) describe the following given term:

a) Timing and control unit of the 8085

b) General purpose registers of the 8085

2) Draw the labelled structure of the 8085 indicating several signals of all blocks.

3) Describe the function of program counter, instruction register, stack pointer and the instruction decoder.

4) List some of the attributes of the clock generator 8284.

5) Exhibit the interfacing of the 8086 in maximum mode and describe it in detail.

6) Discuss the function of bus controller 8288 by giving its labelled diagram.

7) Compare the maximum and minimum mode of the 8086.

8) describe timing diagram of 8086. describe the machine cycle in the maximum mode.

9) describe 8086 architecture with the help of block diagram.

10) Specify the addressing modes of 8086 by giving the suitable exs.

11) Describe the following given instructions :



c) LEA

d) INC

12) describe the following given instructions:

a) CMP

b) AAA

c) AAM

d) AAD

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