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Answer the given problems and attach your responses to this assignment.

problem 1: describe the trend that views software as a service instead of a product. What effect has this trend had on software acquisition options?

problem 2: What is an RFP and how does it is distinct from an RFQ?

problem 3: What do you mean by the term prototype, and how do systems developers use prototyping?

problem 4: Describe the difference between physical and logical design.

problem 5: Choose a particular category of vertical applications to investigate. Use the Internet and any other sources of information you might have to examine some of the various products which are available in that category.

problem 6: describe the common features of those products in your own words (do not just cut and paste the information from the Internet).

problem 7: Comprise an explanation of any features which differentiate one product from the other, comprising costs, where available.

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