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1. describe how data may be pushed and popped by using a Stack.

2. prepare down the advantages of writing Computer Instructions in Assembly Language.

3. A UART clock rate equal to baud rate would not be fine sufficient to slice each serial bit into pieces – Give explanation for your answer.

4. Describe assigning priorities to interrupts by using the Interrupt Priority SFR.

5. describe Pipelining architecture in embedded controllers.

6. describe Controller Area Network.

7. describe the hardware features of the 8051 microcontroller.

8. describe the Bit-level logical operations in 8051 in detail.

9. describe the Embedded Software Tools.

10. Describe Embedded System Programming by using Integrated Development Environment.

11. describe the different operating modes of timer/counters and associated control registers.

12. Describe interfacing LCD displays to microcontroller system.

13. describe the PIC 16F877 architecture in detail.

14. Describe the Addressing modes of PIC 16F877 with suitable exs.

15. describe implementation of Serial Data Communication modes 2 and 3, in Distributed Embedded system.

16. Describe Embedded Networking by using Ethernet devices in detail.

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