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1) Describe the function of buses that are used in the microprocessor.

2) prepare comparisons between microprocessor and microcontroller.

3) describe some of the characteristics of the microprocessor 8085.

4) describe the pin diagram of the microprocessor 8085 with the help of diagram.

5) describe the block diagram of microprocessor 8085 and also draw the block diagram.

6) describe the Flag Register of microprocessor 8085. Develop the PSW format. Specify the status of several flags after execution of the 9BH +E5H.

7) Specify the registers of 8 bit and 16 bit registers.

8) describe the following term:

a) Hardware and Software.

b) Assembly language and Machine language.

9) Specify the functions of following pins of microprocessor 8085:


b) ALE

c) SID


10) Describe the functions of following blocks of microprocessor 8085:

a) Program Counter

b) Stack Pointer

c) Instruction decoding and machine cycle encoding

d) ALU

11) describe the basic organization of microprocessor based system and draw its block diagram.

12) describe the functions of following given pins of microprocessor 8085:



c) S1

d) X1 and X2

13) describe several types of addressing modes of microprocessor 8085 with the help of suitable ex.

14) prepare down function of the following instructions of microprocessor 8085.

a) DCX H


c) SHLD 2000H

d) DAD D

15) prepare comparisons of the following instruction of microprocessor 8085:

a) INX H and INR H.

b) STA 2000H and STAX B.

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