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problem 1) What is multimedia? prepare business applications for multimedia. Also describe how Virtual reality is an extension of multimedia.

problem 2) How digital audio is represented and stored? What are the factors which affects quality of digital recording?

problem 3) What is MIDI? Describe how it is different from digital audio.

problem 4) Describe bitmap and vector drawn types of images.

problem 5) Draw and describe RGB and CMYK Color models.

problem 6) How compression is achieved in images. What are the major steps in JPEG image compression?

problem 7) prepare brief note on the following:

a) 2D Animation.


c) Asynchronous communication.

d) Speech.

problem 8) What is computer generated animation? describe various principles of animation.

problem 9) Describe the usage of multimedia on internet.

problem 10) Describe briefly optical devices for multimedia applications.

problem 11) How text can be generated and used in multimedia applications?

problem 12) What are the requirement for making a successful animation?

problem 13) Give names of some multimedia softwares available in the market. prepare their features.

problem 14) Give the programming languages used for making hypermedia applications? Describe with ex a hypermedia document.

problem 15) prepare brief note on the following:


b) Sound cards.

c) Scanners.

d) Interactive TV.

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