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problem 1)(a) (i) Draw a flowchart to find the biggest among three numbers.

(ii) List the advantages of flow chart.

(b) describe the importance of computer programs.

problem 2)(a) prepare the algorithm and flow chart to find the sum of n numbers.

(b) Discuss in detail the evolution of computers.

problem 3)(a)(i) prepare short notes on Keyboard and its function.

(ii) describe briefly about the usage of peripheral devices.

(b) Classify the computers according to their mode of operation.

problem 4)(a) What is the use of hard disk?

(b) describe the importance of Plotter.

problem 5)(a) Discuss in detail about the Storage peripherals.

problem 6)(a) What is constant? describe the various types of constant in FORTRAN.

(b) describe the structure of FORTRAN coding sheet.

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